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Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

Small Business Owner Marketing his Company
We Help Customers Find Your Website

Small businesses can benefit by having a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The challenge for business owners is finding the time to learn about and implement campaigns for the wide range of online channels available. The Internet is a great way to get the word out about your offerings, but you should focus on your business, and leave the "heavy lifting" of digital marketing to Precedent Designs.

After years of experience, we have found the strategies listed below to be the most effective ways to promote your small business online.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Gets Your Message to the Right Audience
Working with You to Get Your Message Across

Precedent Designs works with you and your team to deliver the right message to your potential clients on social media channels.

Our goal is to get to know your business in order to compose posts that are relevant and personalized to you; our social media department creates content people will want to see and that you will be proud to call your own.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Will Help People Find Your Small Business
A Customized SEO Strategy Improves Your Rankings

Precedent Designs will develop an SEO strategy that will improve your website's search engine rankings. Our philosophy is to utilize Google's Approved Best Practices so that your site stays at the top of search results over time.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services focus on improving your website’s ranking on organic search results pages. Search engines provide higher rankings to websites that provide valuable, unique content. At Precedent Designs, our SEO strategy is to create websites that people enjoy visiting and search engines like crawling.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Young Man Searching Online for Products or Services
Target Customers Searching for Your Products and Services

PPC Advertising puts your website at the top of search engine results and allows you to target people that are specifically looking for your product or service.

Although highly effective, pay per click advertising can also be a costly endeavor. Precedent Designs develops advertising campaigns that will reduce your expenses while increasing customer engagement. Our goal is a successful ROI (Return on Investment) for your small business.

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Print Media

Successful Networking with Business Cards
Business Cards Remain Important

Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures and Direct Mail play an important role in your marketing strategy, even in the digital age.

Whether you are at a networking event, or just meeting new people, your business card should make a strong statement; Precedent Designs creates professional print media that complements your website and existing branding materials.

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Content Writing Services

Professional Blog Writer
Professional Writers for Your Business

It's no secret that adding fresh content to your website will improve your search engine rankings as well as increase engagement with your visitors. A regularly updated website is the best way to achieve this goal, however very few small business owners have the time to write content for their website.

Precedent Designs offers professional writing services for any budget. Our posts are written to complement the vision of your small business, posted on a regular schedule, and designed to be easily shareable on social networks.

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