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Updating your website with fresh content provides your visitors a reason to engage with your site and also motivates them to return in the future. Additionally, sites that are frequently updated with unique, useful information are ranked higher on search engine results.

However, running your small business takes up a lot of time and writing blog posts is most likely at the bottom of your "To Do" list. That's why Precedent Designs provides professional blog writing services at prices that every business owner can afford.

At Precedent Designs, we believe in the merits of blogging and when done properly, it can has a positive effective on the success of your website. Click here to read more about our blogging philosophies.

Review our cost-effective packages listed below. When you've decided what's right for your small business, click Subscribe to get started. Please also read the Terms and Conditions to better understand our offerings.

Blog Writing Packages for Your Small Business

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  Blogs White Papers Combo Package
Price Per Month $149.99 $199.99 $299.99
Posts Per Month 4 1 5
Description Short, industry related blog posts that include keywords you wish to target. Long, research based papers that extensively cover a specific topic you wish to target. The combo package includes both the 4 blog posts and 1 white paper every month.
Scheduled Posts This Service is Included This Service is Included This Service is Included
"Share This" Tool This Service is Included This Service is Included This Service is Included
Word Count Approx. 300 Words Approx. 1500 Words  
Licensed Photos 1 Per Post 2 Per Post  

Terms and Conditions

  • There is no minimum timeframe for blog services; you can cancel at any time.
    • Cancellations require a 30 day notice.
  • Blog Posts cover general topics related to your industry and are based on keywords that you provide.
    • The blog posts will not include specifics about your business unless you provide that content in its entirety.
    • You will have the ability to edit and update all of your blog posts as you see fit.
  • White Papers are research based and can include specifics about your business, when applicable.
  • The included "Share This" tools allow your visitors to easily share your posts on social media networks.
  • All photos in your posts will be licensed, the cost of which is included in the monthly fee.
Small Business Blog

Learn More About Blogging

Your blog is a place to share thoughts and ideas about your industry.

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An Overview of Blogs

A small business blog is a source of fresh content and provides you with the ability to share valuable insights about your industry with the world. A blog is a powerful addition to your online marketing strategy and it helps your visitors discover what they can learn from you.

A blog is an additional feature to your existing website. Your site is where visitors can get facts about your business and products, whereas your blog is a place where people can get a better understanding of who you are as a person and what you business stands for. Your blog can become the face of your business.

Blogging Best Practices

Your blog represents your company, and as such, we've compiled a list of best practices that we abide by when managing your blog.

Update Your Blog on a Regular Basis

When people go to your blog, they will first see that date that it was published. If this date is recent, people will immediately see that you are actively engaged with your blog and are interested in providing them with current information. Conversely, if you last post was two years ago, this may portray your business as disengaged. We recommend updating your blog at least every month.

Stay on Point

Your posts should be relevant to your industry; keep the topics focused on what your business provides. Connecting with current events is a great idea, as long as it pertains to your business or product in some way.

Develop a Reasonable Schedule

People will begin to expect your new posts on a regular schedule, especially if they have signed up specifically to read them. You should come up with a schedule that you can maintain, and then stick to it. Two posts a day is a challenging task unless you have an in-house writing department, but one post a week is a reasonable expectation for most small business owners.

Diversify Your Content

Although a blog post is comprised of text, you should also include other media to keep the reader's attention.

  • Images
  • Video
  • Subheadings
  • Bulleted Lists
  • Relevant Links

Avoid Self Promotional Posts

Write about topics that your business participates in, but every blog post does not need to be a sales pitch.

Relevant Calls to Action

Make sure your blog article is not a dead end; people expect to be able to do something once they're done reading.

  • Get in touch with a form submission
  • Leave comments about the post
  • Read related content
  • Share the post on social networks