Your Small Business Social Media Campaign Needs a Quality Website

Social media marketing is remarkably more personal than traditional marketing - or at least your campaign should be.

Your Small Business Social Media Campaign Needs a Quality Website

You Need a Website That Converts

The best way to practice social media marketing is to create brand awareness and personal interactions with followers.

Interact With Your Followers

In terms of marketing, social media has been revolutionary. Never before have companies been able to interact one-on-one with thousands of followers. Additionally, social media marketing is cost-effective. Trying to simulate those interactions in person would cost a fortune.

The main principle behind social media is that same that has guided marketing for years. Consumers are more likely to buy something from a brand they trust. And with social media marketing, you can establish a reliable reputation.

A recent Huffington Post article explains how social media has changed marketing. According to the article, it's now easier than ever to interact with your target audience:

"People buy from people and companies that they know, like and trust. Social media has made it easier than ever to establish personal relationships with large numbers of customers and prospects quickly and for very little cost. Brands that understand this and are investing in creating a more authentic and humanized marketing experience will be the clear winners in 2015."

Bring Your Followers to Your Website

But here's the thing many marketers forget: all your social media efforts are aimed at attracting prospective customers to your website. The idea is to encourage them to leave sites like Facebook and Twitter and visit your own website.

So you can develop the best social media strategy of all-time, but it won't mean anything if your website doesn't generate conversions. If your website is difficult to navigate, then you have just thrown all of your hard work right out the window. Social media marketing will only work as well as your small business website. If you'd like to further discuss how your social media campaigns integrate with your website, contact us today.

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