Psychology and Color Impacts Your Small Business Website

Psychology plays a bigger role in your small business website than you might think.

Psychology and Color Impacts Your Small Business Website

Choosing Your Small Business Color Palette

With the right combination of website elements, you can engage users with your design. It's important to consider how your website's color scheme affects users.

Colors and Emotions

We all associate colors with certain emotions and attitudes. What's really interesting is how this tends to vary based on culture, rather than individual. In the U.S., for example, most people would associate blue with calming and red with aggression.

You can use this to your advantage with your website. According to a recent Small Business Computing article, many brick-and-mortar stores use hot colors to advertise sales:

"It can pay to think about what you want your site to accomplish - do you have a deals website, where customers can find great, time-limited deals? You can use color psychology to reinforce this impression: just look at the colors of brick-and-mortar discount stores. Orange, red, yellow - these stores use hot colors to convey a sense of urgency, and to push their customers to shop and decide faster."

What color scheme you choose completely depends on the type of brand identity you want to establish. You won't see many accounting firms use hot colors, for example, and most startups will use bright colors to draw attention to their brand.

When you work with Precedent Designs, we'll match your website's color scheme with your current color palette. There are many other psychological effects to take into account when we design your website, such as ease of use, logical navigation and clear headings. It's important to consider the entire experience so you can take control of your visitor's experience.

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