One Inside Secret of Digital Marketing Experts

If you are trying to attract more visitors to your website then look no further than emotional copywriting.

One Inside Secret of Digital Marketing Experts

A great headline can bring hundreds, if not thousands of new visitors to your blog or website. Are your headlines stale and not attracting as many visitors as you would like? Are you looking for a practical and easy way to improve your digital marketing strategy? Here is one way to garner additional attention.

The Lazy Person's Digital Marketing Strategy

This headline evokes emotion and is an effective way to get people to read your content. Consider the following scenario: Do you have an easy and practical solution for your audience? For example, let's say you know how to brand yourself on LinkedIn and you want to share that information with others. You could title your post, "How to Brand Yourself on LinkedIn." That is certainly an effective title. However, compare that title to "The Lazy Person's Way to Brand Yourself on LinkedIn." That second title will strike a chord with a lot of people and most likely get them to click through to your site.

But My Audience Isn't Lazy

A common objection to this type of headline is that small business owners will remark their audience is not lazy, so this headline won't appeal to them. However, the beauty of this style of emotional copywriting is that it appeals the lazy and the diligent, the inspired and the uninspired. It conjures up an emotion, regardless of the audience; people will click through simply to see what the article has to say about lazy people, regardless of if they are lazy or not. The concept is to bring about an emotion in your reader so that they are motivated to enagage with your content. If you are interested in marketing your small business online, call us today at (954) 708-2563 and we'll be happy to discuss a strategy for you.

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