Even a Small Business Website Needs to Have Modern Features

There is a common misperception among those new to the Internet that a small business website doesn't have to have advanced features.

Even a Small Business Website Needs to Have Modern Features

The Future of Small Business

This is especially true among those whose businesses focus on providing physical services. It's typical to go to a site belonging to a plumber, mechanic, or other such professional and find nothing but a couple of pages that contain only a few lines each.

These bare-bones sites are far from convincing, and in some cases, they actually drive business away. One reason is that they don't include enough information about the business to set it apart from the competition. Another is that the designs of these sites often look outdated and amateurish. A website is a virtual storefront for a business, and one that doesn't look professional gives the impression that the business itself isn't very good.

Specifically for Small Business

The easiest way for small business owners to overcome these hurdles is to hire professional site designers. Here at Precedent Designs, we offer packages set up specifically for the small business. These packages cover both the visible and technical aspects of a site, so the end result will be as professional as your business. Potential customers will no longer shy away because they don't like what they see on your domain.

One of the most important features we offer allows you to capture interest and leads from those who browse the internet on mobile devices. This feature, called responsive design, allows your site to look perfect no matter what size of screen it is viewed on. Since 55% of Internet usage comes from mobile devices as of last year, it's essential that sites are able to accommodate these visitors.

Small business websites also need other technical features to be ready for the modern age. Businesses are moving away from offering simple telephone numbers and simple email forms. Now, the best business websites offer the ability to schedule appointments online, and those that are run by companies that have products to sell include e-commerce solutions for online ordering.

Finally, the basic appearance of a modern site is much different from that of one that was built just five years ago. Our design team keeps up with all of the latest trends; when you hire Precedent Designs, you can be sure that your site will look modern. To learn more about our technical and visual design services, contact us. We'll be glad to help you bring your site into the modern age and increase the amount of leads and sales it brings your company.

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