Use Lists and Why-Posts in Your Digital Marketing Campaign

If your small business is involved with digital marketing, then you should be focusing on two types content: lists and "why-posts".

Use Lists and Why-Posts in Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Small Business Using Effective Social Marketing

Anyone that has been on Facebook will instantly recognize these types of posts, and you should consider structuring a portion of your online content in this fashion.

Popular Digital Content

Why are these two types of content so popular? Simplicity and convenience seem to be the common denominators. These articles are very easy-to-read, they don't require a lot of thought, and they frequently answer simple questions. Even if you've had bad experiences with some of these articles that are just rehashing content, there are plenty of good ones that are informative and fresh.

According to a recent Marketing Land article, these two types of content are extremely popular on social media. They both rack up thousands of social shares per month:

"Lists lead content sharing in the summertime. In June through August, this format earns between 17K and 24K shares consistently each month.... Content that explains, called a "why-post" is the second most-shared format and receives the most attention in the fall, earning an average of 24K shares per month in September, October, and November. Why-posts are particularly strong earners in the lifestyle vertical, accounting for 36% of overall shares."

- Marketing Land, February 3rd, 2015

This is good to know if you practice social media marketing. Your followers don't log on to Facebook and Twitter to get bogged down with textbook-like articles. They want something light to read, and it seems like lists and why-posts are filling this need.

Keep Things Interesting

The one thing you need to be careful of is falling into the trap of posting uninteresting content. There are tons of articles out there on content sites that just tell readers what they already know. You want your articles to stand out, so it's going to be necessary to go a step further. Write fresh and interesting content that provides insight into a niche subject. That's how you'll get your followers to share your content on social media.

To talk more about digital marketing, get in touch; our goal is to help your small business succeed online.

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